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From the KBC Case Book - Success Stories in Combating Identity Theft

The names of our clients and some details have been altered to preserve client privacy and confidentiality and to protect KBC’s proprietary protection and recovery systems. These case file descriptions do not reveal information that would be useful by criminals in committing identity theft.  The techniques discussed here are well understood by both police and by criminals.  All of these descriptions are true.

The Case of the Purloined Phone Number.

Client contacted KBC after receiving a new credit card he did not request.  Upon notification of a fraud to the credit issuing bank, the fraud department of the bank admitted that the charges were fraudulent.  The client activated a “fraud alert” on his credit.  Computer equipment, and other items of immediate resale value, had been purchased and shipped to another address using the fraudulent credit card. 

The client then contacted KBC.  Using our RapidResponder system KBC learned that seven fraudulent new credit cards had been issued over a two week period.  In addition identity thieves had been ordering credit reports from the credit bureaus to facilitate their theft.  Upon examining KBC’s proprietary  eye-spy database, KBC case specialists noted that the phone number placed in the credit bureau file had been changed from the client’s home number to a new telephone number.  The new number was traced to two separate pre-paid cell phone numbers.  The identity thieves had detected the fraud alert and then changed the alert telephone number with the credit bureau.  With this ploy, credit issuers were phoning the credit thieves to verify the application for new credit as valid.

Following KBC’s customized action plans, and with the assistance of the local police department, the client was able to shut the criminals down cold.  His credit records are now locked and inaccessible to the thieves.  Eye-spy is constantly monitoring financial databases, personal information databases, and other sources of information for any identity theft activity. 

Case Solved After Five Years of Continuing Attack

Client had been the victim of ongoing credit and bank forgery theft for over five years.  The client had filed police reports and notified the local police of the ongoing theft on many occasions.  Three police reports had been filed.  Due to a heavy workload and questions of jurisdiction the police were unable to help the client.  The client was extremely frustrated and anxious.  About every six months a fraudulent credit card would be issued or forged checks would be charged against her bank accounts.

Upon contacting KBC our case specialists began extensive research into the crime using the eye-spy system.  KBC case specialists identified the probable suspect of the fraud by carefully examining records provided by the client and the eye-spy reports.  After assuring the client that we could help, case specialist began constructing a detailed report for the police.  The report, a part of our Prosecution Service, was given to the police for investigation.  The report carefully laid out the crime information, and the eye-spy information as well as the case specialist’s analysis.

Armed with the report the local police renewed their investigation.  The result was the arrest and prosecution of the criminal in a distant state. 

The KBC client was very happy that we were able to facilitate a renewed interest in the case by the police and that our services would continue to protect the client well into the future.

Money Transferred Without Valid Verification

Client was notified that he owed a money transfer firm thousands of dollars for money transferred to three distant out of state locations.  The money transfer was charged to his credit card.  The client had notified the credit card company of the fraud.  The money transfer company contacted the client and denied his claim of fraud based on the fact the thief had correctly passed two of the three verification questions it required to authorize a money transfer.  Based on the analysis of the fraud department of the money transfer company, the credit card company was insisting on payment.

Upon investigation KBC case specialists learned that one of the successful verification items had been “caller id”.  And that the other had been date of birth.  KBC further discovered that the a fraudulent charge had occurred on the client credit card just prior to the wire transfer.  That charge was for personal computer software which allows for “spoofing” of caller id signals.  In addition the critical date of birth information supplied as part of the verification process had been wrong.

The credit card company then reversed its claim and admitted that the account had been fraudulently used for both the software purchase and wire transfer.

KBC case specialists had successfully proven that all of the verification items used by the money transfer company had been invalid and that the money transfer should never have been authorized.  The credit card company agreed with KBC’s analysis.

We continue to monitor the clients account for unauthorized activity.

Credit Issued Without a Credit Check

The client received a merchant credit card just before Christmas.  She phoned the store and told them she had not applied for credit. The store informed her that the card has been issued two weeks before as part of an “instant store credit application” and that the card had been used to purchase the maximum amount possible on the day of issue. 

The client came to KBC seeking help.  Our case specialists, using eye-spy and our internal analytics discovered that seven credit cards had been issued and 27 applications for instant store credit had been completed in three days.  Of these stores, 7 had issued instant credit based upon a forged driver’s license and a forged ATM card.  The seven stores did not seek a credit report until three days following the issuing of credit.  In each case the credit cards had been used to charge the maximum amount within moments of issue.  The amount of money owed on these accounts was in the thousands.

KBC case specialists noted that the timing of the fraudulent applications and the use of the busy Christmas season to seek instant credit was the work of professional credit thieves.  With KBC’s assistance the client was able to terminate the cards, lock down her credit information, and protect her credit history.   

Knowing that professional credit thieves will strike again and again, the client now feels more secure knowing that KBC’s systems are working to provide her continued prevention, detection, and recovery from the many crimes of identity theft.  

Accused of Murder

A concerned professional wished to minimize their risk to identity theft by subscribing to KBC’s Protector program.  Upon completing the initial eye-spy report, KBC uncovered that one of the leading professional background checking companies had listed our client as having been convicted of first degree murder in a distant state.  KBC case specialists searched the criminal convictions database for that state and discovered that a murder conviction had been obtained by the state for a person of the same name and date of birth.  However, the convicted criminal had died in prison.

KBC case specialists often find harmful information in these databases which was either entered in error or was inadequately confirmed.  The false information concerning a murder conviction, if undiscovered could have had a disastrous effect on the client’s career and life. 

Armed with this knowledge the client moved to correct the data.  Since harmful errors in databases often re-occur, KBC continues to monitor the databases to ensure that this erroneous information does not reappear.



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